by Chris Nafekh

1. “Radio Greensboro,” 103.1 WUAG (GSO)

David Row hosts the Triad’s premier live radio show on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters. Radio Greensboro welcomes one new local or out-of-state band every week for an interview and live set in WUAG’s headquarters on UNCG’s campus. Often, bands promote upcoming gigs around the area; tuning in is a great way to stay informed on Greensboro’s ever-changing music scene.

2. “J’s Indie/Rock Mayhem,” 90.9 WQFS (GSO)

When Josh Neas is behind the soundboard, radio is anything but boring. His show is an atypical mix of energetic and engaging rock and roll, with genres ranging from indie to post-punk and alt-country.

3. “Jazz On Wax,” 90.5 WSNC (W-S)

WSNC Program Director Jack Bonney, who has a soft spot for vinyl records, hosts an all-vinyl hour of classic jazz from labels such as Bluenote, Impulse and Prestige. Bonney has worked with several college radio stations around the Triad, and also hosts “Midday Jazz” on 90.5 as well.

4. “In The Beat of the Night,” 103.1 WUAG (GSO)

If you’re within the 18-watt range UNCG’s radio station on a Wednesday night, tune into 103.1 to hear a collection of underground hip-hop. Prez Parks, a Greensboro local and longtime DJ, masterfully spins tracks to sooth your soul.

5. “The Poetry Café,” 90.1 WNAA (GSO)

From NC A&T University’s own college radio station, “The Poetry Café” brings you live readings and interviews from local poets. The show helps young writers share their poetry while engaging listeners with spoken word.

6. Triad Arts on 88.5 WFDD (W-S)

Every weekday, David Ford welcomes artists from around North Carolina for interviews and insights on their crafts. Triad Arts is the perfect way to key into the Triad’s diverse artistic culture.

7. The North Carolina Show on 90.9 WQFS (GSO)

Chris Roulhac’s show on WQFS features artists from North Carolina, or with roots in the state. He interviews local artists as well, most recently, Black Squares/White Island drummer Mikey Munday.

8. Real People, Real Stories on 88.5 WFDD (W-S)

I feel somewhat indebted to those who have opened their hearts on air to tell us their histories. The stories you hear on “Real People, Real Stories” are reported and recorded by Triad locals, akin to TCB’s “Fresh Eyes” column. The subjects range from political and human rights to sci-fi discussions of “Dr. Who,” and it truly is an interesting listen.

9. Cookin’ With Mary on 90.5 WSNC (W-S)

Nobody can make you appreciate the fine pairing of food and jazz music like Mary Haglund and Sam Hicks. Mary opened her own restaurant in 2000, and the food pictures online are mouthwatering. If the grub is as great is it looks, Mary’s show is a must-listen for foodies.

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