It’s part of our mission at Triad City Beat to help elevate local businesses and champion the things that are unique to our cities. And there’s no better time to demonstrate it than the holiday season, when most of us spend more of our disposable income than in the rest of the year combined.

Increasingly, the way we vote with our dollars is becoming the most important voice we have.

We’ve all seen the memes: Spending money locally keeps our dollars in our own corner of the economy. It benefits our friends and neighbors rather than faceless corporations. And it’s an investment in the culture in which we all participate.

You can’t buy your way into the TCB Local Gift Guide — it’s strictly the purview of our editors, and not our advertising department, to curate this list of the very best from local businesses, local makers and local performers.

It matters, we think, just as it matters to spend locally this holiday season.



Spa treatments





Holiday market calendar

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