ONS-BlackAqua-Front_largePlenty of local businesses rock self-promotional swag, like Mission Pizza Napoletana in Winston-Salem or Westerwood Tavern in Greensboro. So do local colleges — UNC School of the Arts has new T-shirts sporting its redesigned logo. And there are plenty of locally owned retail stores, including Social Status shoe store in Greensboro or Camel City News & Gifts. But here are a select few places that got the swag sauce so you’re not drippin’ Swagu (that’s a Kanye riff — get with the program).




Camel City Goods, 1000 Brookstown Ave., camelcitygoods.com

Find the nicest Winston-Salem-themed swag, from hats to shirts, at the Airtype studio. Or handle it all online, at shopairtype.com, where you can also buy a fresh Old North State tee, a WSNC mug or a 336 shot glass.


Kleur, 545 N. Trade St., kleurshop.com

The new Winston-Salem store is filled with clutch finds, like upholstered bike seats, bags from Narrow Lines Co., an unusual wine rack, knives and gear from Melting Sun Apparel.


Crank & Pulley, crankandpulley.com

A collaboration between A/perture founder Lawren Desai and Letters East founder Lindsay Beeson, Crank & Pulley sells branded tote bags, water bottles, posters, iPhone cases, coffee mugs and apparel. The pastel Flavorreel line may be the best part.




Fourth Winter Mfg. Co., 527 S. Elm St., hudsonshill.com

Most of the things at Hudson’s Hill in downtown Greensboro are wildly expensive, but the leatherwork by local William Cheek is much more affordable and worth the price. One of his handmade wallets would make pretty much anyone happy.


Home State Apparel, myhomeshirt.com

Those iconic North Carolina “Home.” shirts? They were born in Greensboro, created by former Green Bean coffeeshop manager Zeke Vantreese. His company has grown exponentially since it started, and now includes a wide array of swag from hats to doormats. Shopping for a Christmas Queen out of state? NBD — Home State Apparel covers all 50 states.




Triad City Beat, triad-city-beat.com

No, but really, we sell Triad City Beat T-shirts and soft pullover hoodies, printed in Greensboro by Home State Apparel (above). Chances are, you’re not the only person in the family who respects what we’re trying to do here, so warm up your spouse or sibling with one of our sweatshirts.


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