5 things only people from Greensboro will understand

  1. What a “Whirlie” is
  2. How to drive under the bridge when the train backs up traffic at the South Elm Street crossing, and how jarring the train horns are downtown
  3. That business attire is more casual here (maybe it’s due to the city’s history of producing jeans?)
  4. How adorable the red pandas at the Greensboro Science Center are
  5. What “Hamburger Square” means


You’re basically a Winston-Salem native if you…

  1. Ever argued with someone that yes, Maya Angelou did live here
  2. Are sick of hearing jokes about how phallic the Wells Fargo Building looks
  3. Know that the West End Opera House has nothing to do with cantatas
  4. Remember more than one previous name for Mary’s Gourmet Diner
  5. Can’t go out for a drink without running into an ex, but it’s okay because you’re still friends (the city is too small not to stay cordial)


You know you’re from High Point if…

  1. You understand the magic of the Biscuit Factory
  2. You know what “La Ha,” also known as “La Hac,” is
  3. You moved to Greensboro to be in a bigger city
  4. You pay the city for electricity
  5. You’ve been to “The Store” in Oakview more than once.

1 thing only people from the Triad will understand

  1. What the Triad is (and no, it has nothing to do with organized crime in China)

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