I have to admit that I’ve been asleep at the wheel — I’ve got no idea how this slipped past me, but apparently there’s a bike polo team in Greensboro, and it’s been around since 2009.

Did any of you know this?? Consider yourself on my bad side if you did, because like most of you I can’t believe this has existed under my nose for so many years. What’s worse, I know one of the guys who set it up.

Tim Cox — who works at Stir Creative Group — and his neighbor Mark Wilson kicked it off five years ago, with at least one annual match up at Lake Daniel Park. Their crew is pretty informal and plays on grass (most teams compete on tennis courts, I take it), but the outfit is still a part of the American Bike Polo Association.

Most of my friends are cyclists… and into cycle-geekery,” Tim told me this morning. “Bike polo has been around awhile. It was an Olympic sport in the early 1900s. We can’t afford to feed horses and thought it would be a hoot.”

Tim and I met around the same time he helped launch the bike polo league — I babysat his incredible kids in college and sporadically afterwards. Somehow this never came up.

This year’s annual game is happening on May 16 at Lake Daniel Park (by Mimosa and Fairmont streets) in Greensboro at 6 p.m., and some of the Winston-Salem crew may join in. Maybe this is the bitter hometown sports rivalry Jeff Laughlin is longing for.

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