Sam Martin, who performs under the name Three-Brained Robot, is probably the Triad’s zaniest musical act. I’ve seen this dude writhing in a kiddie pool full of clothes at a house show, and he’s done plenty of other weird things, to be sure. But the video for this jam, appropriately dubbed “High Point,” is a masterpiece.

Sure, there’s a ridiculous and unrelated intro (the first entire two minutes) and outro, but the brilliance really kicks in at 2:30.

Martin released the truly strange (yet typical) video on Monday. There’s something oddly, unspeakably alluring about the absurdity of the song, with its random shout outs and on-scene shots around the Third City.

Take what you will from it. Martin is from Greensboro and still lives in the Gate City; the video is at once a faux furniture salesman’s pitch for the company town and a mockery of the city, straddling the line between insider and outsider views of High Point.

I’ve probably said too much. I doubt Martin thought anyone would spend nearly this long pontificating, at least in a public forum, about one of Three-Brained Robot’s mind vomits. But here it is. “High Point” deserves it.

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