As snow rolled silently into the Triad in the early morning hours of Feb. 24, Triad City Beat quietly hit an important milestone.

We’re thrilled to announce that today, just two days before the newspaper’s official one-year anniversary, that our website crossed 500,000 all-time views. We consider it to be a very significant milestone, complemented by a smaller one we also hit today: 1,000 all-time legitimate comments.

We’re honored to have such engaged, loyal and discerning readers. Thank you, all of you, for sticking with us and for making this happen.

These are just two of the ways we measure what matters to all of you and what you think of what we’re doing, but the true measure is all the praise and constructive criticism you’ve offered in person. We hope to keep producing content that is informative, analytical, timely, thought-provoking and of course, that serves an important watchdog function as well as lively cultural coverage.

We hope you’ll keep reading and continue commenting. On to a million views and many more years!


  1. Excellent! Happy Anniversary/5000/1000! Love TCB, but can you get the popup to register for emails/weekender/etc to quit popping up since I have already registered? Thanks

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