Brian Clarey explores the history and current resurgence traditional, durable denim as a high-end consumer good in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Surrounded by family, Republican Mark Walker pledged to get the federal government out of the way of the American Dream.

Mix of progressives, conservatives prevail as Bencini wins mayorship

‘Common sense’ conservative Walker wins Congressional bid

Momentum brings Tillis past Hagan in Senate race

Guilford County election results

Big night for Democrats in Forsyth



20140827_192743 • Editorial: The walking blues

• It Just Might Work: Halloween rebellion

• Fresh Eyes: Jews & Catholics wind it down

• Editor’s Notebook: History is a pair of jeans




kirk ross • Exile on Jones Street: Lessons from the election

• Citizen Green: A terrible choice: Marrying or keeping your job

• Good Sport: Sports on the radio

• All She Wrote: Ghouls gone wild




Kait crop • Food: Good food so cheap it feels like theft

• Barstool: The mimosa flight

• Music: Rocket makes for a smashing Halloween

• Art: Electric Pyramid, artists and an embalming room

• Stage & Screen: Blood and lust in motion and movement


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