3. High Point

Admittedly, it’s tough for the Triad’s smallest city to break into the Top 2. This week is no exception, but there’s a whisper campaign going on about the city council race in the fall, which will see three longtime council members step down to make way for some new faces. Let’s see who steps up.

2. Winston-Salem

Strife in downtown Winston-Salem concerning two beloved restaurants — Mary’s Gourmet Diner and Mooney’s Mediterranean Café — has caused a rift between the usually unified cultural castes of the city. See more in this week’s editorial on page and Citizen Green, both on page 13. These are good problems to have, though: Conflict is what drives positive change.

1. Greensboro

The Gate City is not without positive problems of its own. A project by developer Roy Carroll seeks to close a portion of Lindsay Street, and city council is torn by contract with Ben Holder, a blogger known for excoriating contracts just like this one. But a new brewery and restaurant coming to Battleground Avenue makes those things seem less important. See more on page 9.


  1. Rumor nothing. The power players who are determined to spend our overpriced city into oblivion are going to be in the majority, and the secrecy and the insider money swaps will continue.
    We’re number one in something, regrettably.

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