3. High Point

We’re looking at preservation this week in the Triad Power Ranking, and we almost hesitate to put High Point in last place — again — because the city finally got serious about saving the Kilby Hotel, which had been a cultural beacon in the old days of the Washington Street district. But before they could get to preservationing, the building collapsed.

2. Greensboro

With serious efforts afoot to save the Cascade Saloon (see page 9) right in the jugular of South Elm Street, the city of Greensboro shows that it can muster the resources and passion necessary to keep our history alive — though nobody said a thing when Roy Carroll tore down the old Dixie apartment building a few weeks ago.

1. Winston-Salem

Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership President Jason Thiel once said that not every building can be saved, but that the important ones are worth going to bat for. This dovetails with last month’s news that the Reynolds Tower, perhaps the most distinguished element of the city skyline, will be converted into retail, apartments and a hotel, saving what was once the biggest skyscraper in the South. And the Glade Street YWCA will see new life as apartments. See Ginsburg’s story on page 11.

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