3. High Point

We’re thinking about urban development this week in the Power Ranking, and in that context High Point comes in last for many reasons, chief among them that they just dissolved their downtown-development efforts. But there’s hope for the Triad’s smallest city. A vocal faction of progressive urbanists has threatened consequences in this year’s city council election.

2. Greensboro

In downtown Greensboro we want to talk specifically about the Railyard, the pocket district created when the guys from the Worx cleared out the hobo camp that was back there off Lewis Street and started reclaiming the space. Besides the Worx, Spice Cantina should be open in the fall and the parking lot is already being used for City Market, among other events.

1. Winston-Salem

An equivalent project in Winston-Salem is the West End Mill Works, built in another former oasis for our homeless friends. But where the Railyard project has friends in high places and more of a corporate-casual vibe in its business dealings, musicians and artists turned developers drive the West End project and almost has the feel of a bohemian collective Bonus points for making beer and gin inside the building.

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