Trudy Wade files bill to change Greensboro City Council


State Sen. Trudy Wade filed a bill today that we all knew was coming — one that would reduce the number of Greensboro City Council seats and change the way members are elected.

Senate Bill 36 lays out a plan for council to drop from nine seats to eight, with all members elected from a district except for the mayor. There are currently five city council districts, three at-large seats and the mayor is elected at large. The bill calls for redistricting — something Wade is no stranger to — and for the elimination of any at-large races.

Under Wade’s bill, the mayor would have limited veto power that a 5-vote majority could overrule. The mayor wouldn’t be able to vote on most items (with exceptions for things such as zoning and firing the city manager) unless there was a tie. [Because there would be an odd number of other members of council, a tie wouldn’t exactly be common.]

Wade’s bill would also change term lengths, doubling them from two years to four. Wade, a Republican, previously served on Greensboro City Council before being elected to the General Assembly. She successfully pushed for a change in the Guilford County School Board elections that, among other things, made the races partisan.

Read the full bill here.

[An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated how the mayor would be elected. We regret the error.]