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UNCG Chancellor Linda Brady, who is under fire for the university’s treatment of three former employees facing criminal charges, announced today that she will retire.

In an email sent out to students, faculty and staff this morning, Brady announced her decision.

“When I accepted the role as chancellor of this fine university in 2008, I had envisioned being here for a seven-year tenure,” the message begins. “Today, I’d like to share with you that I have informed UNC President Tom Ross and the UNCG Board of Trustees of my plans to retire July 31, 2015, following seven years of service.”

A news post on UNCG’s website today also confirmed Brady’s retirement.



Brady’s announcement comes amid remarkably low morale among teachers, opposition to the school’s $91 million rec center and — most recently — charges brought up against three former employees. Read more about it here. Brady recently stood behind the school’s decision to seek felony charges against the employees, according to the News & Record. The staff senate is planning an emergency meeting to discuss low morale this Wednesday, according to a staff member.

After several walkouts and an interruption at a board of trustees meeting last semester, another walkout is planned soon to protest several aspects of Brady’s administration. Brady was also criticized for sending out an email about budget cuts during Spring Break last semester.


Kelly Fahey contributed to this report.


    • Be careful what you ask for. When her ENTIRE resume comes out she is not going to be able to find a rock to hide under. And other heads are going to roll too. For the good of this university, the sooner she goes, together with her entire entourage, without much fanfare, the better. She was/is just bad news. Period. Incompetence cannot be sugarcoated for too long. Now, if we can just find a way to cancel this damn rec center, and put the emphasis back on education!

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