Unsolicited Endorsement: ’90s dance parties


by Eric Ginsburg

There is a bar in Boston, or maybe it was Cambridge, that a few friends directed us towards one night in a cab. Its exact location, and even its name, are wholly irrelevant. All that matters is what happens there on occasional Friday nights.

It’s difficult to think of anything better really — and don’t you dare suggest karaoke — or any reasonable excuse that the same thing doesn’t occur at least once a month at some bar here with a decent amount of open space.

A dance party. With only ’90s music.

I actually can’t think of any venue in the Triad that has dance parties at all, unless we’re talking about a salsa night or referring to clubs. But what reason could there possibly be for the absence periodic ’90s dance parties here?

Remember Mr. Big, or the band’s 1991 hit “To Be With You”? When was the last time you listened to “When the Lights Go Out” by 5ive, or “Cruel Summer” by Ace of Base? Destiny’s Child. Backstreet Boys. Toni Braxton. Whitney Houston. Gin Blossoms. LL Cool J. “No Diggity.” Smashing Pumpkins. “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan. “I’d Do Anything For Love,” by Meatloaf. TLC. Ja Rule.

“Pony” by Ginuwine.

The concept could be adapted and applied to the ’80s, maybe for a different Friday of the month, but the ’90s were packed with cultural gems. It’s the perfect time for nostalgia, as we hit mid-decade 20 years later.

That’s how long it takes for things to be cool again, which hopefully means I can sell my Pog collection for a ton of money. But seriously, though many things from the ’90s, including the fashion, should stay gone, but it’s time for a musical revival.

Somebody organize it, and we’ll be there dancing like it’s our cousin’s bar mitzvah, asking where all of the cowboys have gone.