141217.UnsolEndo-Sunshine-eg by Eric Ginsburg

I ignored Sunshine for a while. On purpose.

Even though this beverage, with a combination ginger and blackberry taste, is made right here in Winston-Salem, the marketing folks behind it came at us too hard, trying to score some coverage of the product in Triad City Beat. And that, typically, is a big turnoff for a journalist. We see PR as the dark side of this broader industry, and ignore press releases and requests for “little write-ups” whenever possible.

I ignored Sunshine until I tried one, grabbing it to wash down lunch one day… and whaddya know? It’s actually good. Plus the brand has an attitude.

“Unlike its extreme energy drink brethren that promise impossible motorcycle riding awesomeness, Sunshine simply hydrates the body and awakens the senses,” the website reads.

I like that lack of pretension, though I have to say it has yet to noticeably alter my level of clarity or really impact me in any way that lasts longer than my enjoyment while drinking it. I’m cool with that though, especially since it doesn’t contain high-fructose corn syrup or artificial flavoring.

I’ve been told Sunshine works well as a hangover cure —“the antidote to moonshine,” as their site says, though I also heard it directly from a friend. Can’t say I’ve tried that, but I’m more inclined to mix it with alcohol anyway.

A multi-use drink that’s made locally, doesn’t take itself too seriously and actually tastes good? I’m in.

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