by Eric Ginsburg

Thai Sawatdee, affectionately known as Teeter Thai, exists just inside the doors of the Cloverdale Avenue Harris Teeter in Winston-Salem.

I’ve seen my share of Starbucks inside of Harris Teeters, but the idea of a real restaurant located within the confines of the grocery chain kinda weirded me out.

You have to check it out though, friends told me. It’s actually really good.

There’s table service but orders are placed at the counter, and it makes most sense to show up for the cheap lunch special. The deal includes two small egg rolls and a bowl of soup, and by the time my entrée arrived I almost forgot I was dining inside a grocery store. The massaman curry dish was indeed good, but my friend’s panang curry tasted decidedly better. Online commenters appropriately rave about it in particular.

Thai Sawatdee has a second location on Healy Drive, but half of the allure is the existence of a solid local Thai restaurant inside a corporate giant. Plus, it’s more centrally located (unless you’re already out perusing at Hanes Mall).

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