by Eric Ginsburg

If I don’t go to the Eden Drive-In at least once each year, it’s almost like summer didn’t happen. Last year was the first time in maybe five summers that I didn’t make it up there on a Friday or Saturday night. Part of the drag is that the drive-in theater often shows kids movies that I can’t wrangle my crew to sit through, even with liquid courage.

Tickets are a paltry $6 (less for kids), and get you into both films for a night’s double feature, usually with a more adult option showing second. What better way to see summer box-office hits?

It’s a mere 45 minutes from downtown Greensboro and about an hour from High Point and Winston-Salem, down beautiful country roads. I’m trying to ride there in style this year, in the bed of a pickup truck if I can manage it, and aim to indulge at this charming outdoor theater twice this summer to make up for last year. Who’s with me?

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