It may look like guerrilla gardening, but there’s nothing haphazard or illegal about it; It’s actually part of a city-sanctioned urban forestry committee. Volunteers with Greensboro Beautiful helped replant 23 trees on two county lots on either side of Britton Street yesterday. The area, near Martin Luther King Jr. Drive where the city’s annual MLK parade starts, is looped by trails. Thanks to a Neighborwoods project launched in late 2012 and the planting on Thursday, the two lots are now home to 150 native plants that will bear fruit, nuts or berries, volunteer Keith Frances said.

Carole Drexel, an interfaith minister, said this was her first time participating in a Greensboro Beautiful project, adding that she was drawn in by the possibility of picking blueberries and other edibles when the trees are ready.

Volunteers said a short, encouraging prayer over each tree after sliding it into the ground, Drexel said.

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