In an article about craft beer pushing Budweiser aside this week, the Wall Street Journal led with Jake’s Billiards in Greensboro.Screen shot 2014-11-25 at 1.37.05 PM


Budweiser is trying to win back younger drinkers in their 20s, revamping its marketing campaign in the hopes of preserving (or improving) its market share.

A pretty fascinating chart accompanying the WSJ article.


“You’re dealing with a 21- to 27-group that’s open to change. It won’t be their No. 1 brand but it will be in the purchase tent,” the article quotes a Budweiser distributor saying.

One of the interesting things about a chart included with the article, left, is that it measures barrels shipped. I could be wrong, but I presume that doesn’t match up with the total amount of beer actually sold — think about all the beer consumed on site at craft breweries and brewpubs, places such as Small Batch Beer Co. in Winston-Salem that don’t ship their product anywhere.

[As an aside, Jake’s does have a pretty strong reputation for its craft beer selection. I tried and enjoyed the ESB from Green Man Brewery, a North Carolina company, at Jake’s Billiards just last week.]

Read the full article here.


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