Even though the Guilford County Democratic Party doesn’t endorse in primary elections, the Young Democrats of Guilford County posted an endorsement of incumbent Pricey Harrison for state House District 57 today. The group also slammed her Democratic opponent Jim Kee without directly referencing him by name.

The endorsement was posted on the group’s public Facebook page this morning.

“Pricey Harrison has a challenger who tried to have a 25 year old student and educator fired for running against him in last year’s municipal election,” the post reads, referring to now-Greensboro Councilman Jamal Fox. “This year, he’s using talking points that belong to the Civitas Institute and the John Locke Foundation to try and discredit a Democratic champion we’ve been lucky to have in Raleigh. That isn’t right for the Democratic Party, and that isn’t right for young Democrats.”

The post continues to say that its board unanimously voted to publicly endorse Harrison.

“Among the many examples of her accomplishments and demonstrations of her knowledge, Pricey warned the legislature about Duke Energy’s coal ash ponds long before this year’s devastating spill, and now taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the consequences of not heeding her advice,” it reads. “Pricey has been a voice for economic justice, women’s health, and progressive values that will build a North Carolina we can be proud of as the incoming generation of leadership.”

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