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  1. Mtn biking is a wonderful sport, clean, healthy, great people who care about the environment, usually enjoy hiking also.

  2. High Point deserves a quality mountain bike trail system. Otherwise you have to travel to Greensboro, Winston, or beyond just to get some singletrack. It will be built by volunteers with the local IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) chapter, the Greensboro Fat Tire Society. They have a proven track record with environmentally sound and sustainable trail building and maintenance with the watershed trails in Greensboro!

  3. Mountain Biking is a fast growing sport that can be enjoyed by all. Mountain bikers are courteous to hikers and good stewards to the trail systems

  4. MTB is a very enjoyable sport. We need a trail closer to High Point. Also, it is safer for children to ride on these trails than on the city streets. Most all mountain bikers are very environmental conscious.

  5. Balance is key and the local mtn. biking club (Fat Tire) does an incredible job maintaining trails for all to enjoy equally.

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