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Pivot to coronavirus

It looks to me like Trump’s post-election nonsense is winding down — I could be wrong, because they guy is absolutely bottomless, but I think he knows what’s going to happen. As for his people… we shall see.

In Triad City Beat today:

Meanwhile, the coronavirus rages on, with record-setting numbers all over the country. The United States added 142,860 today, last I checked, and another 1,400 deaths. The Midwest is jacked with it, and the Western states account for the fastest-growing case counts. New York City is imposing sanctions, and here in North Carolina, the numbers tell a terrible tale.

The numbers

  • We’ve got 2,893 new cases in NC today, a lot, and tomorrow the state will make a one-time adjustment to the numbers in regards to hospitalizations and other metrics. For now, we’ve got 289, 204 molecular positive so far, with 4,796 deaths (+8)
    • 1,279 hospitalized
    • 7.9 percent positive test rate.
  • Guilford County adds 218 (12,936 total), with one new death (209), 110 hospitalizations and 1,574 current cases.
  • Forsyth County has 178 new cases (10,474), with 137 dead, 1,576 current cases.

A diversion

Movies rarely translate well to TV. Sometimes the problem is quality, like with “Delta House.” But sometimes it’s a problem of perception, like “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,” which ran for just two seasons on ABC, 1992-93. It was pretty good, I seem to recall, but I was drinking pretty heavily at the time and I’m not even sure if I had a television set. Here’s Season 2 Episode 3, “The Phantom Train of Doom,” which is Spielbergian in its ambitions.

Program notes

  • For tonight’s featured image, we’ve got “Landscape with Waterfall and Figures,” AKA “My Backyard Right Now,” by William Louis Sonntag, 1865. Taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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