Greensboro City Councilman Tony Wilkins’ plans for an International Restaurant Row along a stretch of High Point Road are moving forward on several fronts, he said.

[Triad City Beat broke news about Wilkins’ intentions to create the promotional area in his district earlier this month. Read all about it here.]

Code enforcement already began “a clean up” of the two-mile strip at Wilkins request and found several violations. He is waiting to hear back from the city’s legal department about any possible issues with the proposal and also from Assistant City Manager David Parrish about any costs or regulations around putting up signs on I-40 to direct people to the area, “which is probably going to be one of the most effective elements of the project,” Wilkins said.

Wilkins also got the green light to present his idea at the next economic development committee meeting, which he serves on.

Some have expressed skepticism about whether city efforts to promote international dining options in Greensboro — of which there are many due in part to a large immigrant and refugee population — based on geography.



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