DSC00311by Eric Ginsburg

1. What is Mark Walker’s stance on the fact that gay marriage is now legal in North Carolina? Does he believe, like the NC Values Coalition does, in defying it?

I wasn’t able to speak with Mark Walker, a conservative Republican running North Carolina’s 6th US Congressional district, before our election issue came out last week, but his campaign manager Scott Luginbill did respond to several questions via email. To the first question, he wrote: “Mark is most bothered by the continued subjugation of the states. Whatever the issue, a single judge should not be able to overturn a provision of a state’s constitution.”

2. Would Mark Walker vote to default on the national debt?

“Mark will vote to rein in federal spending and excess.” That’s not exactly what I asked, but I guess he’s keeping his options open while vowing to do what every other Republican running for office touts as well.

3. Would Mark Walker vote for a government shut down?

Typically you don’t vote to shut down the government, it shuts down because something can’t pass…. But to your question, I think Mark would like to avoid a shut down if possible.” A concerned Greensboro lawyer asked me to pass this question on, and I think he’ll be happy with the answer.


4. Does Mark Walker believe in drastically reducing the Department of Education?

“Education has typically been the responsibility of state and local governments. Mark will vote to preserve that model.” This is in sharp contrast to his opponent, Democrat Laura Fjeld, who focuses heavily on strengthening education. The federal government has taken an active role in education under Democratic and Republican presidents, including No Child Left Behind under Bush and Race to the Top under Obama.

5. Does Mark Walker believe the minimum wage should be eliminated?

“Mark has said this is an issue better handled on the state level.” Walker has said in debates and forums that he opposes raising the minimum wage, a move Fjeld supports. This answer continues a pattern of vague responses that allude to a possible outright opposition to the protective law while skirting around a direct response.

6. Does Mark Walker believe that racism still exists?


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