The reliable racism of the Rhino Times


by Eric Ginsburg

I don’t ever pick up the Rhino Times, Greensboro’s right-wing propaganda sheet and so-called newspaper published by developer Roy Carroll. I just don’t see the point. But today, sitting in a deli waiting for my order to be ready and after thoroughly trolling social media on my phone, I finally gave in to the sensational headline.

“Court defendant gets his good friend Mary Jane to help testify,” an article in this week’s issue of the Rhino Times written by fixture Scott Yost, is splashed across the front page of the paper. But it is what Yost says a few paragraphs into the article about defendant Usama T. Hussain that is really worth noting.

“One might think that, if your name’s pronunciation sounded like two terrorists’ names strung together, you would be on your best behavior when appearing in court…” Yost wrote about Hussain in today’s issue.

It’s the kind of unnecessary and racially-charged commentary that often appears in the publication, even in what parades as a news section. Remember, this is the paper whose editor, John Hammer, incessantly referred to President Obama as “Barack Hussein Obama,” and that ran a seemingly endless series about how there is no racism within the police department. And then there’s Yost’s gross sexism on display back in January.

It’s no surprise to find this sort of generalizing, Islamophobic perspective in the Rhino Times, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating and offensive.

At least they’re predictable.