A Winston-Salem police recruit is on personal leave after shooting his wife.

Police responded to call for discharging firearm at the home of Nikolaos Keefe Tish and Jessica Marie Tish at 7:18 p.m. on Tuesday, according to a police press release, and found Jessica Marie suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Nikolaos is currently assigned to the Basic Law Enforcement Training Class and has been employed with the police department since Aug. 31.

The police department is investigating the shooting, but the press release characterizes the incident as an accident based on “preliminary information.” The shooting occurred while Tish was handling a firearm in close proximity to his wife, according the press release. The police said the firearm was not issued by the department.

Jessica Marie Tish was transported to Baptist Hospital to be treated for her injuries. The press release indicated that Nikolaos Keefe Tish “is using personal leave time to tend to the well-being of his family.”


  1. Hope I didn’t jump the gun, (no pun intended) Mr. Green, and usurp a possible story from you. Just thought I would assist your paper in keeping up with the happenings in the WSPD. By the way, despite multiple gunshot wounds, the officer should recover as will the suspect who was also shot with his own gun.

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