[poll id=”43″] This week we wrote about the Greensboro Police Department’s plans to study data that allegedly shows a racial disparity between searches of black and white motorists. The department will prepare its own report in the wake of one from researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill. Read more here.

Tell us why you do or do not trust the police department to analyze this data and draw its own conclusions, which Chief Wayne Scott said will be informed by more data than the UNC report. We’ll publish the results in the next print issue of Triad City Beat.


  1. Honestly, my answer is yes only because there is a spotlight on the subject. Left to its own, I feel the GPD would breeze over the data and put it in a box in a basement somewhere. Now with some attention put on the department, I feel their take will be different. They tend to “prove” they can do things when someone is watching so that they can slide when not being evaluated. Its sad since I would hope that the department would always strive for the best results even when not under the eye of the media, but that unfortunately seems to be a common problem with most of our society anymore.

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