Eric Robert


Downtown property owner Eric Robert and M’Couls owner Simonne McClinton will not be returning to Downtown Greensboro Inc.’s board.

Robert, who created the organization’s new marketing plan, wrote on his blog last night that after the board’s January meeting on Jan. 15, the two were not asked to continue. Both, particularly Robert who only served a one-year term, had made their interest in continuing on the board clear. Read more of the back story here.

In his post, Robert said that his opposition to incoming chair Gary Brame’s streetscaping plan and McClinton’s willingness to ask questions contributed to the lack of a return invitation.

“I am disappointed that I did not get the chance to finish the implementation of the marketing plan that I created, and I fear what DGI’s incapable hands will do with it going forward,” Robert wrote.

And as for McClinton? He said that her “only faults were that she questioned the questionable, sat next to me during every meeting and was of the same mindset that Downtown Greensboro deserved better.”

Brame and DGI President Jason Cannon have previously declined to comment on specific changes to the board. Robert could not immediately be reached for comment.

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