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Saturday, March 28, 2020


    COVID-19 causes shelters to cut down numbers, forcing more homeless individuals outside

    “Some people have been saying that they have nowhere else to go,” O’Connell said. “They are asking for tents."

    Coronavirus Daily Update: Tuesday, March 24

    The information warsMecklenberg to "stay at home," Durham to follow

    Coronavirus Daily Update: Monday March 23, 2020

    Monday morning coronavirus quarterbackingThe day began in NC with a Gov. Roy Cooper press conference and...

    Ways to enjoy local art and artmaking during COVID-19

    So you’ve been inside for days. You’re wearing the same pair of sweatpants you threw on a week ago and your diet...

    Coronavirus Daily Update: Sunday, March 22, 2020

    Thoughts from the kitchen tableI was taught to write in scenes, way back in the beginning....

    Coronavirus Daily Update: Saturday, March 21

    COVID-19 and the zone defenseI've been trying to avoid commentary in this space, because I believe its...

    Coronavirus Daily Update: Friday, March 20, 2020

    The new rulesApologies for the delay in the daily roundup. Let's get right to it, shall we?

    Sheriff Rogers: 72 beds available in Guilford detention system in case of COVID-19 outbreak

    Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers said he has 72 beds set aside for quarantine in the case of a COVID-19 outbreak in his jails.

    With NC COVID-19 cases ballooning, warning that jails and prisons could accelerate spread

    Experts warn that officials need to take urgent action to prevent prisons and jails from becoming ‘national reservoirs of COVID-19 infection.’

    BREAKING: Local sheriffs’ offices to halt all eviction orders until April 17

    Sheriffs’ offices for both Guilford and Forsyth Counties have stated that they will suspend all foreclosure and eviction orders until April 17.

    EDITORIAL: Finger-pointing in the age of coronavirus

    The blame game won’t get us anywhere. Not today, when humans in our largest cities prepare to shelter in place, COVID-19 expands exponentially through our populations and thousands and thousands of businesses begin the slow slide to insolvency.

    Don’t panic: 14 ways to help each other through the coronavirus pandemic

    We know it's crazy out there. It's easy to panic and get lost in all of the news updates. But we...

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    Essential? Major Triad employers claim exemption from stay-at-home orders, putting workers in fear for safety

    Large employers across the Triad are claiming exemption from stay-at-home orders, putting workers in fear for their safety.

    Coronavirus daily update: Friday, March 27

    A daily coronavirus update for Greensboro and Winston-Salem

    NIK SNACKS: Triad farmers markets endure the pandemic

    They're open for business, one way or anotherGrocery shopping used to be...

    Local and state officials create contingency plans for November election, expect more mail-in ballots

    State and local board of election officials work on contingency plans for the November election in light of COVID-19.

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