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Friday, February 21, 2020


    Sounds of Colombian tiple highlighted at Reynolda concert

    The tiple looks like a smaller guitar at first glance. However, rather than six strings, the tiple sports a total of 12.

    EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK: The lizard people

    People believe that lizard people live among us disguised as humans, but also as the leaders of our country. And it kind of makes sense.

    EDITORIAL: The republic we couldn’t keep

    The presidency of Donald Trump has transformed this country from a nation of laws into an autocracy beholden to the whims of one deranged, orange man.

    CITIZEN GREEN: Chief Brian James on police visibility and racial profiling

    James, who grew up in Greensboro, notes that the city has grown, and he says the number of officers has not increased commensurately, making it difficult to maintain the visibility to which some older residents are accustomed.

    Artist exhibits green thumb in living moss art show

    “Nature has a way of connecting the human spirit to make us feel safe and comfortable,” says artist Mona King.

    The sunny incumbent and gloomy challenger: A fact-check on the Winston-Salem mayoral race

    It’s hard to reconcile the data cited by incumbent Allen Joines and challenger JoAnne Allen on employment, housing and a host of other metrics on Winston-Salem’s wellbeing.

    Two former HP city council members and a political newcomer vie for District 6 county commission seat

    Two former High Point city council members will duke it out in the Republican primary and then face a Democratic political newcomer in the race for the District 6 seat on Guilford County Commission left vacant by Hank Henning.

    6th Congressional District candidates talk about health care, women’s rights at town hall

    Photo (from left to right): Ed Hanes Jr., Derwin Montgomery, Bruce Davis, Rhonda Foxx, Deidre James (Kathy Manning's surrogate)

    HPU art exhibit displays bygone eras of Japan

    A man sits on the corner of a stone fence, a thick cascade of flora and fauna behind him. He rests his...

    ICYMI: ‘Parasite’ makes history at Oscars, proving diversity matters

    People have become so used to Western — and, specifically, American — media as the default in the world. 'Parasite's' win proves that this needs to change.

    A rematch and a new contender in South Ward race

    The three Democratic candidates in Winston-Salem’s South Ward come from different backgrounds, and offer different leadership styles.Two of the...

    The man behind the counter: Charles Bess remembers the Greensboro sit-ins

    Much has been written about the four men who sat defiantly at the Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro all those years ago. But on the other side of the counter stands one other figure — another young black man, this one in a white paper hat and a busboy uniform.

    The state of ‘cue in Winston-Salem

    In the past 18 months, the flavors of barbecue in the city have changed too. No longer is Lexington-style — smoked pork shoulder or pork butt dressed with a thin, vinegar-based sauce made with ketchup, sugar and red pepper flakes — the king of the land.

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    Winston-Salem Symphony plays the magic and music of John Williams to life

    The golden outline of a curvy sans-serif font spelling out the words “Star Wars” flashes onto the screen. Almost simultaneously, the brash blare...

    Our 2020 Primary Election Guide

    by Jordan Green and Sayaka MatsuokaThere’s nothing more urgent on this primary ballot than choosing the best equipped...

    Editorial: We’re asking — vote yes on the quarter-cent sales tax

    “In all the years that I’ve served on the school board, every single school board member has wanted to raise teacher salaries, every...

    UNCG’s ‘Tempest’ sets Shakespearean story in the 1950s with a gender-flexible cast

    The story follows a shipwreck onto an island full of spirits, run by a sorcerer, as the magic of the island brings everyone closer.

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